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Camiguin Island: Lanzones Festival and Must-See Destinations

Camiguin Island Born of Fire.

Lanzones Festival is an annual celebration in Camiguin Island, Philippines. The festival is to honor the island’s most famous product, the sweet and juicy lanzones fruit. It is a time for the locals to come together and showcase their culture through various activities and performances.

In the Province of Camiguin, to honor the bounty harvest of the Lanzones fruit, Lanzones Festival takes place annually every third week of October with a pack of activities. In addition, locals and tourists from different areas gather together to witness the most awaited, vibrant event in the province. It is a fun weekend, including street dancing, numerous beauty pageants, and a parade in Mambajao town. 

The lanzones fruit ripens sometime during the third week of October. One of the most remarkable things tourists will notice about this festival is that locals often decorate houses and street posts with Lanzones. 

Uncover the History of Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival in Camiguin Island

The Lanzones Festival is a much-awaited annual celebration held in the province of Camiguin, located in the southern part of the Philippines. It is a week-long festivity, celebrated every third week of October, which honors the lanzones fruit, one of the province’s most important crops. The festival started in 1979 and has become a significant event for the province’s people and the entire region. The Lanzones Festival is known for its colorful and vibrant street dancing competitions, parades, and many activities showcasing the region’s rich culture and heritage.

According to the legend, the lanzones fruit’s popularity in the province started in the 16th century when a deadly epidemic struck the island. The locals prayed to their deities, and soon after, the illness subsided. The people, in gratitude, offered lanzones fruit to their gods as a thanksgiving offering. Since then, the fruit has become essential to the province’s culture and tradition. The Lanzones Festival was born to celebrate its abundance, highlighting the fruit’s significance in the province’s history and culture.

The Lanzones Festival symbolizes the province’s unity, resilience, and faith. The event has become an essential platform for the locals to showcase their talents, skills, and creativity. The week-long celebration also attracts tourists worldwide, making it an excellent opportunity for the province to promote its rich culture and heritage. The participants wear colorful costumes, showcasing their unique and artistic choreography and carrying lanzones fruit as a prop. The festival also includes beauty pageants, cultural shows, and agro-industrial fairs, highlighting the province’s agriculture and handicrafts industry. The Lanzones Festival is a celebration of life, culture, and the people’s faith and gratitude for a bountiful harvest.

See the Brightest Moments of the Festival

The week-long celebration features a variety of events that highlight Camiguin’s rich culture, including street dancing, a large lanzones procession, exhibits of agricultural products, and beauty pageants.

Street Dancing

Street Dancing at Lanzones Festival is a festival highlight and provides an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. The parades feature colorful floats, performers, and participants who take to the streets to celebrate the lanzones fruit and the local culture.

Lanzones Procession

Lanzones procession is a standard part of the Lanzones Festival. The participants carry baskets of fresh Lanzones fruit and march through the streets to the rhythm of music and drumbeats. 

Exhibits of agricultural products.

During the Lanzones Festival, agricultural exhibits typically feature various products, including the Lanzones fruit. In addition, the displays often include interactive exhibits that educate visitors about the different stages of Lanzones growth and the methods used for harvesting and processing the fruit.

Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants are often a form of entertainment and competition among local women. These pageants typically feature contestants from different villages who are judged based on their physical beauty, grace, and talent. The festival provides a platform for the contestants to showcase their beauty and skills, and it also helps to promote cultural heritage and tourism in the area.

Beauty of Camiguin Island

Reach Your Destination with Comfort

There are several ways to reach Camiguin Island in the Philippines:

The second-smallest province in the Philippines and the smallest in Mindanao is Camiguin. This oblong island in the Bohol Sea rises between the Bohol province and Northern Mindanao’s mainland.

You can connect in Cebu if you’re traveling from Manila, although it might cost a little extra. On the other hand, the most frequent entry point to the island of Camiguin is Cagayan de Oro City. There are regular flights from all major airlines at Laguindingan Airport, so getting on a plane shouldn’t be a problem.

Balingoan Pier, on the other hand, allows more flexibility because they have more trips (almost every hour) to Benoni Port in Camiguin before sundown. It is also way cheaper. The catch is that this pier is 2 hours away from CDO. So if you’re going to Balingoan Port, know that the bus fare is at most P110.

  1. At the airport, take a van to the city center 
  2. At the Agora Bus Terminal, ride the bus bound for Balingoan. Pay a terminal fee -of P5. 
  3. Board the ferry from Balingoan Port to Benoni Wharf, Camiguin!

Upon reaching Benoni Port, you can take a multicab or a jeepney to your resort.

1. By Air: The nearest airport to Camiguin Island is Laguindingan International Airport, located on the mainland in Cagayan de Oro. From there, visitors can take a shuttle bus or taxi to Balingoan Port, where they can take a ferry to Camiguin Island.

2. By Ferry: There are daily ferry services from Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental to Camiguin Island. The ferry ride takes about an hour.

3. By Bus: Visitors can take a bus from Manila or Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan Port, where they can take a ferry to Camiguin Island.

4. By Car: Visitors can drive from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan Port, where they can take a ferry to Camiguin Island.

Regardless of the mode of transportation, booking in advance, especially during peak tourist season, is recommended to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey to Camiguin Island.

Stay with the Top Accommodations during Lanzones Festival

Camiguin is a beautiful island and a popular tourist destination known for its lush forests, hot springs, waterfalls, and stunning beaches. Many hotels and resorts in Camiguin offer a range of accommodations for travelers, from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts. 

Here are six accommodations you can choose for your memorable stay on the island.

Camiguin Highland Resort

Camiguin Highland Resort in Camiguin Island

Camiguin Highland Resort boasts a three-story building exuding class and luxury. The building is of solid structure, Mediterranean in design. Guests can have a choice of either a room with a sea view or with a mountain view. 

Address :Lakas, Orasan, Soro-soro, Mambajao, Mambajao, Philippines

Nouveau Resort

Nouveau Resort

With a view of the sunrise and the volcanoes as its backdrop, Nouveau Resort offers a luxury experience on Camiguin Island. Its 400-meter shoreline sits right across Mantigue Island, a diving destination. Embrace and experience Nouveau’s upscale features: extended Olympic lap pool, yoga, and meditation park, family recreation center, splash park for kids, beauty and wellness center, gym, artisan shop, specialty dining outlets, and world-class accommodations.

AddressMahinog, 9101 Camiguin

Bintana sa Paraiso

Bintana sa Paraiso in Camiguin Island

Your paradise is waiting at Bintana Sa Paraiso, which translates to “Window to Paradise” in Bisayan. The eco-friendly resort offers stunning views of palm trees and the white island. On your spacious balcony, unwind in the hammock, or take a revitalizing shower with hot and cold running water. Enjoy breakfast delivered to your accommodation as you awake to the crisp mountain air, then spend the day discovering all that Camiguin has to offer.

Address1 Naasag, Mambajao, 9100

Mabini Lodge

Mabini Lodge in Camiguin Island

Set in Mambajao, Mabini Lodge offers accommodation with free WiFi and an indoor swimming pool. Complimentary private parking is available on-site. The capacity comes with a private bathroom with a shower. Guests can also relax in the garden. Mabini Lodge is minutes from downtown Mambajao, the ferry terminal, and the new Camiguin airport.

Address: Corner of Mabini & Luna St, Mambajao, Mindanao 9100 Philippines

Paras Beach Resort 

Paras Beach in Camiguin Island

Paras Beach Resort is on the edge of Camiguin Island, just a short ride from the capital town of Mambajao. With its panoramic view of the ocean and the famous White Island sandbar immediately at gaze, the white sand peninsula and its pristine blue waters are only a three-minute boat ride away. When visiting Mambajao, Paras Beach Resort is a great choice to consider. In addition, the outdoor pool is a great spot to take a dip, and guests can grab a bite to eat. 

Address: Mambajao, Camiguin

White Island Sand & Bar Resort

White Island Sand Bar & Resort is a famous hotel in Camiguin, Philippines. It is situated on a stunning white sand bar just off the coast of the island and offers a one-of-a-kind beach experience. The resort offers comfortable accommodations in the form of tents and cabanas. And guests can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and island-hopping.

Address: Yumbing Basketball Court, Mambajao, Camiguin

Your Perfect Tourists Spots on Camiguin Island

Camiguin is known for its stunning natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. From majestic waterfalls to picturesque beaches, Camiguin offers a range of breathtaking tourist spots that will leave you in awe. So whether you’re an adventurous traveler or just looking for peace, Camiguin has something for everyone.

Here are the must-see destinations in Camiguin:

Mantigue Island –

Mantigue is a small island about 3.5 kilometers off the coast of the volcanic island province of Camiguin province in the Philippines. Also known as Magsaysay Island, it is about 4 hectares of ornate greenery with a gleaming white beach of powdery coral sand.

Katibawasan Falls – 

A picturesque waterfall in the heart of Camiguin, a lush jungle, and natural hot springs surround itKatibawasan Falls, the tallest waterfall on Camiguin Island, stands at a whopping 70 meters tall. You should add this waterfall to your list of things to do in Camiguin! The most effective way to get there is to rent a scooter in Mambajao for 350PHP and travel across to the breathtaking Katibawasan Waterfall.

Sunken Cemetery – 

The big looming cross is a remembrance to commemorate the loss of the locals. Visitors from the Philippines admire this artificial marvel with legend and enchantment. It is a historical site that serves as a memorial to the volcanic eruption that buries the town of Catarman and its cemetery in the late 1800s. Flowers or gravestones do not mark the final resting areas of Camiguin’s missing residents; instead, a massive cross that rises out of the water keeps the location of the previous cemetery.

Ardent Hot Spring – 

Camiguin is home to seven volcanoes; subsequently, several thermal pools on the island and the Ardent Hot Springs are the most popular. Additionally, the Ardent Hot Springs entrance fee is 30 pesos. There are also tables and chairs around the outside edges of the spring, which are available for rent for an additional 150 pesos.

St. Niño Cold Spring – 

A tranquil and refreshing spring in lush vegetation perfect for a dip on a hot day. Sto. Niño Cold Spring is famous for its cold and soothing waters to refresh the locals during the summertime or whenever the weather is hot. For tourists, this can serve as a highlight or an excellent treat to end their day after a long tour and sightseeing at other attractions. Locals and guests can ride a habal-habal motorcycle, motorela, jeepney, or van to arrive in the cold spring. 

Best of Camiguin Island/Travels and festivals can give you the best experience.

Old Church Ruins – 

The ruins of the old church in Bonbon, built in the 1700s, serve as a reminder of the island’s rich history and cultural heritage. A well-known site on the island is the Old Church Ruins in Camiguin, also known as the Old Spanish Church Ruins and Guiob Church. In addition, the best way to get to the Old Church Ruins Camiguin is to rent a scooter in Mambajao and make your way to this historical Camiguin tourist spot.

Walkway to the Old Volcano – 

A scenic walkway offers a panoramic view of Camiguin Island and the surrounding waters. Additionally,t the steps can be challenging at times, especially when the sun shines brightly during its hottest time. Still, as visitors climb to the top, they see an overlooking view of the western side of Camiguin. Furthermore, the clear blue sea and the sky can make the climb worth it, providing a panoramic view and connection between the land, sea, and air.

VJANDEP pastel- 

Without a box of the renowned and locally produced Pastel de Camiguin, no one departs the island of Camiguin. Tiny, tender coffee buns with an unexpected and wonderful yema (custard) interior make up this special treat. Moreover, this well-loved Filipino pastry phenomenon started as a small business venture by Camiguinon Eleanor Poperiua Jose. From its modest origins, the VJANDEP pastel rose to fame as one of Northern Mindanao’s most well-liked pasalubongs.

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