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Puerto Galera Vibes: Your Dream Summer Vacation

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a fascinating summer destination that offers many activities to suit any traveler. The island has several beaches to relax and soak up the sun. In addition, each beach has unique charm and character, from the bustling White Beach to the more serene Talipanan Beach. Furthermore, you can also locate the ideal place to unwind and take in the lovely summer.

Puerto Galera has plenty of thrilling activities for those seeking adventure to get their adrenaline pumping. Additionally, you can explore the colorful coral reefs and marine life or take a dive course. Other adventurous activities include trekking to Tukuran Falls or taking a zip-line tour. Therefore, with so many exciting activities, you’ll always be satisfied in Puerto Galera.

Beyond its natural beauty and adventure opportunities, Puerto Galera also has a rich cultural heritage. You can visit a Mangyan village and learn about the island’s indigenous culture. Or else, you can also attend one of the many festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Besides, the island is also home to severalhistoric churches and landmarks, including the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Immaculate Conception Church.

Everything You Need to Know

Puerto Galera is a beautiful tropical paradise popular among local and international tourists. Here are several options that make traveling to this destination easily and convenient.

From Manila:

Puerto Galera

I. The most common way to get to Puerto Galera is by taking a bus to Batangas City and then a ferry to Puerto Galera. 

  • From Manila: take a bus from Buendia or Cubao to Batangas City Pier (takes about two to three hours)
  • Once you arrive at Batangas City Pier, take a ferry to Puerto Galera. 
  • The ferry ride: (1 and 1/2 hours) depends on which beach you’re heading to in Puerto Galera. 
  • In addition, you can purchase ferry tickets at the pier or book them online.

II. Another option is to hire a private van or car from Manila to Batangas City Pier. However, this option is more expensive than taking a bus but provides more convenience and comfort, especially if traveling in a group.

III. If you’re coming from outside the Philippines:

  • The nearest international airport is Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. 
  • From there, you can take a taxi or private car to Batangas City Pier or book a shuttle service in advance.

IV. Once arrive in Puerto Galera:

  • Take a tricycle or a jeepney to your hotel or destination. 
  • Boat rentals are also available to explore the nearby beaches or islands. 

From Visayas and Mindanao:

I. Several airlines offer flights from major cities in Visayas and Mindanao to Manila: 

  • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • AirAsia. 

II. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Batangas City Pier to Calapan City Pier, the nearest port to Puerto Galera. 

  • From Calapan City Pier, you can take a jeepney or tricycle to White Beach or Sabang Beach.
  • For group travels: you can hire a private van or car to take you directly from your location in Visayas or Mindanao to Batangas City Pier or Calapan City Pier. 
  • Although this option is more expensive, it provides more convenience and comfort for the long journey.

It is essential to consider your budget, time, and travel preferences when choosing the best option. Therefore, getting to Puerto Galera is easy and accessible for any traveler.

Fun in the Sun: Must-try Activities

There are many reasons to spend a vacation in Puerto Galera. However, here are some of the top reasons:

Beautiful beaches: 

Puerto Galera is known for its beautiful beaches with clear blue waters and white sand.

Puerto Galera
  1. White Beach: The most popular beach in Puerto Galera is known for its long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters. In addition, the white beach is an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports.
  2. Sabang Beach: Sabang Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand that is more secluded and quieter than White Beach. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking quiet.
  3. Aninuan Beach: Aninuan Beach is just a few minutes away from White Beach, providing a more serene and laid-back atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the soft white sand.
  4. Talipanan Beach: A hidden gem, Talipanan Beach is ideal for people who wish to escape the masses. Lush vegetation surrounds it, offering stunning views of the sea.
  5. Tamaraw Beach: Tamara Beach is a secluded cove accessible only by boat. It’s an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving, as the waters are home to diverse marine life.
Puerto Galera

Diving and snorkeling:

Puerto Galera
  • Puerto Galera is home to over 30 dive sites, making it a popular scuba diving and snorkeling destination.
  • The marine life is abundant, and the visibility is excellent.

Island hopping: 

  • There are several nearby islands, each with unique features and attractions.
  • You can go on a boat tour to explore these islands, swim, and snorkel.

Cultural experiences: 

  • Puerto Galera offers opportunities to learn about the local culture and customs.
  • You can visit Mangyan Village and learn about the traditional way of life of the Mangyan people.
  • Puerto Galera is home to a range of colorful festivals throughout the year, including the Moriones Festival,

Adventure activities: 

  • Puerto Galera has many outdoor activities, such as hiking, zip-lining, and mountain biking.
  • The terrain is rugged, offering a challenge for adventure enthusiasts.
  • Visitors can take an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tour through the rough terrain of Puerto Galera.

Laid-back atmosphere: 

  • Puerto Galera has a laid-back vibe, perfect for those who want to relax and unwind.
  • The locals are friendly, and the pace of life is slower than in other tourist destinations.

These are just some reasons you should spend your vacation in Puerto Galera. 

Top Hotels: Vacation Rentals

Dreamwave Resort: 

It is a beachfront resort that offers clean and comfortable rooms at affordable rates. In addition, it is located on White Beach, making it convenient for beach activities. Resort amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and beachfront access to water sports activities.

  • Room prices range from around PHP 2,500 to PHP 8,000 per night, depending on your room type.

Utopia Resort & Spa: 

This luxury resort offers beautiful villas with many hotels and resorts in Puerto Galera that cater to different budgets and preferences. Here are some of the top options:

Infinity Resort: 

Infinity Resort is a luxury resort that offers beautiful beachfront villas with private pools and stunning ocean views. It is perfect for those who want a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

  • Room rates start at around PHP 25,000 (USD 500) per night for their entry-level room.

Marco Vincent Dive Resort: 

It is a beachfront resort on White Beach. It offers comfortable rooms and a range of amenities, including a swimming pool and restaurant.

  • Rome rates range from PHP 6,600 to PHP 15,500, depending on the room type.

La Solana Suites & Resort: 

The resort lies on a hillside overlooking White Beach and offers beautiful views and comfortable rooms. It also has a swimming pool and restaurant. Additionally, the resort offers various room types with different features and price ranges, private pools, and stunning ocean views. It also has a spa, restaurant, and swimming pool. 

  • Room prices range from around PHP 7,500 to PHP 18,000 per night for Superior, Deluxe, Premier Deluxe, and Beachfront Suite rooms.

Sea Jewel Beach Resort:

The resort is on a secluded beach and offers comfortable rooms and a range of activities, including snorkeling and kayaking. 

  • Room prices range from around PHP 2,500 to PHP 7,000 per night for Standard, Deluxe, Family, and Suite rooms.

These are just some of the many hotels and resorts in Puerto Galera. Therefore, checking with the hotel for the latest and most accurate information is best.

Discovering Coastal Towns Around Puerto Galera

The town of Puerto Galera is in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. Here are some of the adjacent places and must-see spots that you can visit:

San Teodoro 

is a quiet and peaceful town just north of Puerto Galera. Tourists visiting San Teodoro can enjoy hiking,

swimming, and relaxing in scenic natural surroundings.

Must-See Spots:

  • Tukuran Falls
  • Aninuan Falls
  • Ponderosa Golf and Country Club

How to reach San Teodoro:

  • From Puerto Galera -take a tricycle or jeepney for San Teodoro. 
  • The trip takes around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your mode of transportation.

Calapan –¬†

Calapan is the capital of Oriental Mindoro province, east of Puerto Galera. It is a bustling city with a vibrant culture and history. 


  •        Caluangan Lake
  •         Bulusan Falls
  •        Calapan Nature Park

To Reach Calapan:

  •         You can take a ferry or RORO (roll-on, roll-off) boat from Puerto Galera to Calapan. 
  •         The trip takes around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the mode of transportation.

Naujan – is a municipality northeast of Puerto Galera. Its pristine Naujan Lake is widely recognized and surrounded by lush green forests and beautiful mountains.

Puerto Galera

Must-see Spots:

  • Naujan Lake
  • Imelda Falls
  • Sumagui Island

To Reach Naujan:

  • From Puerto Galera, you can take a tricycle or jeepney to Calapan and then transfer to a bus or van to Naujan.
  • The trip takes around 2 to 3 hours.

Victoria – Victoria is a quaint town southeast of Puerto Galera. It is home to the Victoria Ancestral House, a beautiful heritage site that dates back to the Spanish colonial era. 

Must-see Destinations:

  •       Minalabac Falls
  •       Victoria Ancestral House
  •       Victoria Plaza and Park

To Reach Victoria:

  • You can take a tricycle or jeepney from Puerto Galera to Calapan and then transfer to a bus or van to Victoria. 
  • The trip takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on your mode of transportation.

Pola – Pola is a town located to the southwest of Puerto

Galera. It is known for its beautiful Lubang Island, which offers world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities. 


  •     Lubang Island
  •    Tukal Tukal Falls
  •    Pundakit Falls

To Reach Pola:

  •  Take a ferry or RORO boat from Puerto Galera to Calapan and then transfer to a bus or van to Pola. 
  • The trip takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Puerto Galera Travel Tips: When to Go for the Best Weather

  • The peak season for tourism is from December to April, so expect higher rates and more crowded beaches during this time. 
  • The dry season lasts from November to May, the ideal time to travel to Puerto Galera.
  • It’s best to visit during the shoulder season from May to October to avoid crowds.

Another factor to consider is the most famous event in the area, such as 

  1. Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, which takes place in March. 
  2. Other events include the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes in February
  3. The Mangyan Day Celebration in April
  4. Fiestang Tamaraw in December.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Puerto Galera depends on your preferences and travel plans.

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