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Kaamulan Festival: A Cultural Celebration in Malaybalay,Bukidnon

Kaamulan Festival

The Province of Bukidnon annually holds one of our favorite must-experience festivals in Mindanao – the Kaamulan Festival. It is an ethnic festival highlighting the indigenous culture of Bukidnon and honoring the custom and traditions of the seven (7) original tribal groups in the province, namely – the Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon, and Umayamnon.

The festival is the only authentic ethnic festival in the Philippines. The graceful movements of every participant during the street dancing, and the gigantic entries in the float parade, amazes the public.

 In Kaamulan, the real indigenous peoples attract the crowds. And that is why the authentic rituals spice up the Kaamulan pageantry. The festival usually takes place in Malaybalay City from the last week of March to about mid-April. 

The Rich History of Kaamulan Festival

The Bukidnon gather to celebrate the Kaamulan Festival. It comes from the word amul (to assemble). In 1974 during the town fiesta, some tribespeople were invited to participate in the festival. Moreover, from a small gathering, it has become one of Mindanao’s largest festivities. In addition, it draws contingents from different municipalities across the province. 

The Kaamulan celebrates the rich heritage and its people through live performances and cultural presentations. In addition, it also aims to promote Bukidnon as a tourist destination with its unique culture and history. The Kaamulan Festival originates from an old legend about Bukidnon’s first settlers. A time when the first people of Bukidnon came together and formed a union called “Kaum” (meaning tribe or community). Moreover, it is the name of a legendary hero from an old folk tale in Bukidnon.

The first Kaamulan Festival was in 1974 and has since become an annual event. Over the years, the festival has improved to include various cultural activities, such as tribal street dancing and musical performances. Today, it is one of Mindanao’s most significant cultural festivals. It attracts local and international tourists to experience the rich cultural heritage of Bukidnon.

Elevate your Experience with Kaamulan Festival Highlights

Kaamulan Festival is an annual cultural festival in Bukidnon, Philippines. Some of its highlights include:

  1. Street dancing and tribal demonstrations in Kaamulan Festival: Street dancing and tribal demonstrations are two of the highlights of the Kaamulan Festival in the Philippines. The festival features traditional dances and rituals performed by the various ethnic tribes of Bukidnon, showcasing the province’s rich cultural heritage. 
Kaamulan Festival streetdancing
  1. Ethnic costumes in Kaamulan Festival: Costumes displays the traditional attire worn by the different tribes during the festival. The participants wear traditional ethnic costumes representing their respective tribes. The colorful beads and intricate designs and patterns are unique to each tribe.
Kaamulan Festival costumes
  1. Agro-Industrial Fair in Kaamulan Festival: The agro-fair showcases Bukidnon’s local agriculture and handicraft products. The fair aims to promote and highlight the outcomes of the local farmers. In addition, it is to showcase their work to a larger audience and increase sales. Visitors to the fair can expect various products, including crops, livestock, and handmade crafts. 
Kaamulan Festival Agro
  1. Rodeo in Kaamulan Festival: Each year, during the Kaamulan Festival, various ranches from around the province compete at the rodeo. It showcases sportsmanship, skill, and camaraderie as they chase calves or bulls individually or as a group. Additionally, the rodeo is an integral part of the celebration of the indigenous culture. Both locals and visitors visit the festival, which offers a glimpse into the rich cultural legacy of the Philippines.
Kaamulan Festival Rodeo

These are just some of the many highlights of the Kaamulan Festival, showcasing the province’s rich cultural heritage and its people.

Your Trip to the Kaamulan Festival Starts Now!

The Kaamulan Festival happens in Malaybalay City, the capital of Bukidnon province. The city is a 2-hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City by public or private vehicles. Some buses leave Cagayan de Oro daily, going to Malaybalay City. 

If you are coming from Davao City to attend the festival, you can take a long-distance bus from Davao City to Bukidnon, which takes around 7-8 hours. Just ask your driver to drop you off at the Bus Terminal in Malaybalay City. From there, walk for about 10 minutes until you reach the Kaamulan Grounds on Magsaysay Avenue. 

You can also fly from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City. In addition, you can take a taxi, van, or bus to Bukidnon from Cagayan de Oro. The city is in Northern Mindanao (Region 10). Furthermore, you can also take a plane from Manila or Cebu via Cagayan de Oro Airport. Finally, you can take a bus or jeepney to Malaybalay City (about 4 hours). 

For more information on the Kaamulan Festival, visit their website here: 

Experience the Best in Malaybalay Accommodations

If you want to enjoy the Kaamulan festival and the top attractions in Malaybalay City, you stay at the best hotels in the area. Here’s the top pick:

Bom Bom Hotel for Kaamulan Festival

Kaamulan Festival Bombom Hotel

Location: Damasco Street, Sayre Hi-way, Corner, Barangay 8, Malaybalay, 8700

Rates start at 29 USD

The hotel offers modern and stylish rooms that are comfortable to stay. Imagine yourself inside a current home, breathing in the clean air of Bukidnon. You will experience the breakfast of your dreams, complete with Italian, American, and Filipino dishes. The hotel provides you with a pleasant ambiance to complete your comfortable experience. 

WL Suites for Kaamulan Festival

Kaamulan Festival WL Suites

Location: Sanchez St., Brgy. 8, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines, 8700

Room Rates start at 10 USD

One of the best offers for tourists is this pet-friendly hotel. You will receive a clean, comfy bed and bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and friendly service for such a low price. Also, remember to visit the dining and beverage area to sample their tasty meals and relaxing drinks.

Pine Hills Hotel for Kaamulan Festival

Location: Sayre Hi-way, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Room rates start at 43 USD

Pine Hills Hotel is a resort that takes pride in its welcoming staff and cozy Filipino atmosphere. You can see Philippine culture in the furnishings and decorations. This hotel is well-known among tourists and serves as a venue for special events like private weddings. Therefore, our hotel is the perfect haven if you seek a spot for your entire family.

Waterpool Micro Hotel for Kaamulan Festival

Address: Sayre Highway, Casisang, Malaybalay, 8700 Bukidnon

Rates start at 18 USD

The Waterpool Micro hotel offers a convenient stay. You have access to air conditioning in every room, which is essential in a tropical location with a lot of humidity. In addition, if you feel like not trudging through the rain, there are hot and cold showers accessible.

Malaybalay City hotel rates are subject to change without prior notice. For the most recent information on hotel pricing, availability, and discounts, visit Agoda.

Explore the Best Nearby Places during Kaamulan Festival

Abbey Monastery Transfiguration Church

The Benedictine Monks run the monastery. The distinctive pyramid-shaped church is a masterwork of Leandro Locsin’s architecture. The church building’s entrance is through any of the open glass doors or walls, which lead to its distinctive roof. The fantastic sight of a black and gold Madonna and her Child attracts visitors worldwide to the monastery.

How to Get there: 

From Cagayan de Oro City, take a bus ride from the Agora bus terminal to Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. Travel time would range between 2 – 3 hours because of the ongoing road construction in the province. Then, take a multicab from the terminal to the Benedictine Monastery of Transfiguration. 

 Bus Fare: Php 140/pax

 Multicab Fare: Php 15 (regular fare)

Mt. Kitanglad Agro-eco Farm

Spend your camping weekend most beautifully at Mt. Kitanglad Agro-eco Farm. Take awesome photos and bring your Hobbiton dreams to life! 

Aside from their Hobbit Houses, guests may also enjoy other highlight activities. For example, you can walk in their ecotourism trails featuring a host of rare flora such as citronella, coffee, and even endemic tree species. Furthermore, it is ideal for trekking, bird-watching, and horseback riding.  

RR Spring Resort

RR Spring Resort of Barangay Tubigon, Maramag, Bukidnon, is among the most awe-inspiring resorts in the Province of Bukidnon. It won the last Provincial Tourism Week Search for Well-maintained Tourist Spot in Bukidnon in the Resort Category, Private Operated. In addition, it has famous for its fantastic scenery, theme, family-friendly area, and amenities such as its clean pools. 

How to get to Kaamulan Festival:

By Air: Direct commercial flights are only available from Manila to Bukidnon. But you can fly from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao to the Laguindingan Airport. From Laguindingan, you travel by land to Bukidnon.

air asia kaamulan festival

By Land: Buses, jeepneys, and vans for hire can take you from Cagayan de Oro City to Bukidnon. Taking the bus is the most convenient way. The Agora Bus company charges Php160 (US$3.85). It will take you around 1.5 hours to cover 104 kilometers.

By Sea: The closest port to Bukidnon is in Cagayan de Oro City Sea Post. From Cagayan de Oro City, you travel by land to Bukidnon. 

Pineapple plantation

Taste the sweetest and the freshest pineapples from the most extensive pineapple plantation in Asia and Northern Mindanao’s agri-tourism destination. One of the most extensive pineapple plantations in the world and the biggest in the Far East is in Mindanao, Philippines, the Del Monte Plantation. 

How to get there:

There are no direct commercial flights available from Manila to Bukidnon. But you can fly from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao to the Laguindingan Airport. From Laguindingan, you travel by land to Bukidnon.

When you are from nearby towns, you can take buses, jeepneys, and vans for hire from Cagayan de Oro City to Bukidnon. The Rural Transit Bus company charges Php160 (US$3.85). It will take you around 1.5 hours to cover 104 kilometers.

If you are from Manila or Cebu, a ship can take you to Cagayan De Oro City. The closest port to Bukidnon is Cagayan de Oro City. From Cagayan de Oro City, you travel by land to Bukidnon.

The Dahilayan Forest Park 

In Bukidnon, Dahilayan Forest Park is the ideal location for tourists to explore. It offers a wide variety of attractions and a fantastic retreat for anyone who wants to escape city life, even for a day. A few kilometers outside of Cagayan De Oro City in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, is where the park lies.

From Cagayan de Oro, visitors can ride a vehicle to the park. Due to its location at the base of Mount Kitanglad, the park is full of various trees and other natural features.

It is advantageous to make reservations in advance to minimize problems and delays.

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