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Batangas: Best Summer Getaways for a Relaxing Retreat


Luzon, the largest island in the northern Philippines, has a province in the south called Batangas. It is also the ninth most populous province and the fourth wealthiest province in the Philippines. It is also the birthplace of Tagalog culture. Being near Metro Manila, Batangas is a frequently visited area in Southern Luzon, with its share of resorts and heritage sites. 

Batangas is also well-known for its “kapeng barako” coffee. Since the late nineteenth century, the province has likely been in the coffee business. At that time, the now-city of Lipa was awarded the status of a villa or a small city by the Queen Regent of Spain, Maria Cristina. Thus, this award recognizes Lipa’s income derived from its coffee production.

The Aquatic Delights of Batangas: Exploring its Clear Waters



Calatagan Beach

  • On Batangas’ western shoreline is Calatagan Beach. 
  • One of the best sites in the province to see the sunset is there. 
  • The resort has stilted villas where visitors can unwind and sleep while listening to the soft waves below them.

Manuel Uy Beach

  • The beach itself is remarkable. 
  • You can wade through the little waves for minutes, and the water barely reaches your waist or chest.  

The Stilts Calatagan

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  • Landline:(+632) 967-0820
  • Mobile Numbers: 0917 5863343 / 0917 5807653 / 0917 5237777 / 0908 8662254


Tali Beach

  • The beach has beautiful seas and fluffy sand and is generally well-kept.

Fortune Island

  • Fortune Island is about 14 KM from Nasugbu’s coast. 
  • The island is famous for the Grecian Acropolis, which stands atop a limestone cliff. 
  • The area features Greek-esque pillars and remnants of a statue previously part of a luxury resort on the island.

Nasugbu Beach

  • Tourists can swim in the azure waves and lounge on fine sand at Nasugbu Beach.
  • The beach is a great place to observe the sky change to brilliant crimson and orange hues as the sun sets beyond the horizon.


Anilao Beach

  • Travelers wishing to relax on a beach and scuba diving should head to Anilao. 

Masasa Beach

  • One of the beaches in the Tingloy municipality that receives the most visitors is Masasa Beach.
  • Its turquoise waters are excellent for swimming.

Sepoc Beach

  • The sand in Sepoc is a bit more coarse than others in the province. 
  • Visitors can also trek to a nearby hill to get a panoramic view of the sea and the nearby Sombrero Island. 


Matabungkay Beach

  • Matabungkay Beach is another white sand getaway in Batangas. It offers visitors a scenic view and clear waters, craving a day at the beach. 

The Road to Batangas: The Best Ways to Get There

From Manila:

Route 1: LRT-1/Jeep-Bus

Arrive at LRT-1-Gil Puyat. To get there:

  • Take the LRT-1 to Gil Puyat station.
  • Ride a jeep to Buendia/Taft, and get off at Gil Puyat station (Taft Ave. corner Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. [Buendia]).

Ride a Tritran bus to Batangas City/Batangas Pier (leaves every 30 minutes, PHP149 fare) or a JAM Transit bus to Batangas.

Route 2: LRT-1/Jeep-Bus

Arrive at LRT-1-Gil Puyat. To get there:

  • Take the LRT-1 to EDSA station.
  • Ride a jeep to EDSA/Taft/Baclaran, and get off at EDSA station (Taft Ave. corner EDSA).

Ride a BLTB bus to Nasugbu, Batangas, or a JAM Transit bus to Batangas.

Route 3: Bus

From Plaza Lawton, ride a JAM Transit bus to Batangas Pier.

Distance: It is 95 km from Manila to Batangas. It is approximately 107.8 km to drive.

Travel Time:  It takes approximately 3 hours and 3 minutes to get from Manila to Batangas, including transfers.

Planning a Staycation? 5 Best Staycations in Batangas


Batangas is the ideal vacation if you want to escape the frenetic pace of Manila for a day or two. So go on a getaway to unwind your body and mind. Your ideal staycation lodging is available in Batangas. 

I. Club Balai Isabel

  • If you want an exciting and relaxed weekend, go to Club Balai Isabel. 
  • In addition, take the incredible view of Taal Lake in the background. 

II. Nayomi Sanctuary Resorts

  • The Resort is at Balete, Batangas. 
  • It is ideal for individuals seeking a peaceful setting to unwind.

III. Villas by Eco Hotel

  • Discover the joys of being close to nature at the Villas by Eco Hotel. 
  • The Taal Volcano and Mt. Maculot will be visible, and visitors will realize how incredible the unspoiled wilderness and free-roaming wildlife are. 

IV. The Farm at San Benito

  • The Farm at San Benito is a peaceful refuge where you may reset your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Various holistic wellness services are available at the resort for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

V. Cintai Corito’s Garden

  • Experience a slice of Bali in this private garden resort! 
  • Cintai Corito’s Garden is a lush 7-hectare resort.
  • A stay in this Balinese-inspired sanctuary makes for a unique staycation. 

Experience the Best of Batangas: Must-See Attractions 


Taal Lake and Volcano

  • Taal, Batangas
  • Taal Lake and Volcano in Batangas is one of Southern Luzon’s centerpiece attractions. 
  • It is famous that the volcano is the smallest in the entire world. 
  • Volcano Island is also ideal for trekking.

Gerthel Beach

  • Lobo, Batangas
  • Before the drop-off, the kilometer of the white sand beach has a progressively sloping ocean floor of about 200 meters.

Submarine Garden

  • Lobo, Batangas
  • You can see a living coral garden beside one of Lobo’s beaches. 
  • You can see early in the morning when the tide is low, and the water is clear.

Hugon Beach

  • Barangay Hugon, San Juan, Batangas
  • Hugon Beach has one kilometer of pure white sand. Snorkeling is also possible in the beach’s waters.



  • Brgy. Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
  • A giant rock formation is approximately 75 feet south of the Dive 7000 Resort area and about 450 feet. 

Caban Cove

  • Brgy. Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
  • Plenty of small tropical fish and an exciting drop-off goes down in graduated steps. 
  • It is a good choice for shallow dives.


  • Mabini, Batangas
  • The area breaks the surface and then drops down to about 80 feet. 
  • It is an excellent area for wide-angle and macro-photography because of its large and varied coral formations and fish life.


Mt. Maculot 

  • One of the top destinations for mountain hikers is Mount Maculot. 
  • The name “Maculot” (meaning “kinky”) is from the curly-haired locals of the place.

Taal Volcano 

  • The gateway for most visitors is through the town of Talisay or Tagaytay City, whose ridge gives a panoramic view of Volcano Island. 
  • Volcano Island is also ideal for trekking.

Discover the Best Time to Visit Batangas: A Guide for Travelers

January to May is ideal times to visit as these are still within the country’s dry season. Thus, expect clear skies and sunshine most days. In addition, it is the best time to go beach bumming, swimming, relax, and doing any related activity.

You won’t have to worry about rainy days ruining your plans. 

Pictures will also look great during this season because the skies are blue.

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